Sunday, November 14, 2010

thankful month: days 13 and 14

November 13: I'm grateful for fruits and vegetables. I like to make sure we have fresh ones in our house. If we don't have a plan for dinner, often we (typically he does, while I do dishes) saute bell peppers, onions, etc. for our main dish. I have fallen in love with butternut squash, canary melon, and kale (but not all three together, ha ha). We also usually have at least three different bags of frozen vegetables, sometimes frozen berries, and canned tomatoes, canned fruit, raisins and dried apricots. They're delicious and nutritious. Check this out -- kale "almost makes broccoli look like Doritos." I want to learn more about specific foods, like their nutrients and how to store them best.

November 14: Music. I could say soooooooo much about this, but I won't. I share my church calling with another sister, and today it was my turn to lead the hymns in Relief Society. Before last Sunday I also looked at the list of lessons and chose the hymns for the month (Sara will choose December's hymns.) I absolutely loved singing at ward choir practice this afternoon,  after a long absence from ward choirs. (And thanks to my husband I could leave the kids at home.) Oh, and last night my husband, 3-year-old, brother, mom, and I had fun attending the musical at the high school near our house.

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