Sunday, March 5, 2017

words about kindness!

The discussion in my ward's Relief Society lesson a few weeks ago made me want to look up quote images about kindness. I believe that words are powerful, with a positive or a negative effect. My sweet friend Jaimie {Brave in the Waves:} has taught me more about this truth through her writing, including personal emails. Kindness is so needed! Words about KINDNESS are motivating! That day I downloaded some of the images I loved the most, and I'm sharing them in this post. Today at church, also, one of our wonderful Sunday School teachers mentioned the kindnesses we can show to others. 😀 I feel better when I am kind, and happy when people are kind to me!



Sunday, February 12, 2017

photos from my fourth labor

Our sweet daughter number four is five months old. I'm thinking today about how it's almost Valentine's Day, and that last Valentine's Day we announced that I was pregnant. Five years ago on Valentine's Day we had a newborn who was hospitalized for a few days with bronchiolitis (she's been through some tough experiences including a broken femur last year). Twenty-two years ago on Valentine's Day my husband and I met! . . .

I'd forgotten about these photos from the days before Fourth Girl was born. I had used the camera on D's old phone that we also had the contraction-timing app on. Then I was happy to find the photos during a road trip last weekend. I fell in love with the ones of my belly with the baby lower (I don't like the word "dropped" very much) as she was working on coming out. 

We almost had a home birth and it was wonderful. I just wouldn't use that word to describe the c-section, but they wouldn't let us take pictures until the baby was born anyway. My doula sent me the last photo, showing D and me soon after we arrived at the hospital. This baby is a perfect baby. And my recovery was good -- yay placenta encapsulation!

38 weeks (compare to below):

A little past 39 weeks and in labor, less than two days before the birth:

About 12 and a 1/2 hours before the birth:

In triage. I love him for the way he supported me that week.