Monday, March 24, 2008

16 Months Old

We took a lot of monthday pictures (kind of makes up for not taking any on our busy Easter). We saw my mother-in-law and her mother, Grace, who had surgery on her rotator cuff a few days ago because she had fallen and torn tendons. Grace is 80 years old but still works part-time at KFC. She wants to be able to return to her job in a few weeks.

My little girl's "Easter dress" was the one she wore for the egg hunt I posted about. In the pictures she was wearing the new dress and white shoes that my mother-in-law gave to her. It was nice to spend time with everybody. D and I also had a lot of fun noticing the really unique architecture in his aunt's 30(?)-year-old house. For example, he had never even been upstairs before, so I hadn't either, and there's a cool little bedroom that has a square opening in one wall so you can see down to the entryway. And I love their kitchen counter-top that wraps around three sides of the stairs to the basement (you'd understand what I mean if you saw it). We want to have a cool house someday . . .

St. Patrick's Day pics

D took these pictures (before I put her green clothing on). It was his Spring Break so we invited Grandma Nene over for breakfast.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Cold Easter Egg Hunt (minus the hunt!)

On Saturday morning I took Shboogoo to an Easter egg hunt for military families. We slept in -- D was still sleeping because he gets off work so late on Fridays -- and with all the travel time we arrived after the actual hunt. Oh well. It was fun to see a few people I haven't seen much in the last two years. Besides the plastic eggs with jelly beans and tiny toys in them, we had cookies, hot chocolate, and fresh strawberries. Shboogoo was mostly afraid of the Blaze dog, and a little interested in his motorcycle. I love the picture my friend took of the two of us.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Magazines We Like

Today my neighbor (whose 9-year-old son I have babysat) asked if I would want some magazines his wife didn't need anymore. I wasn't exactly sure which ones they were, because he wasn't. But I said okay and his son brought them over. One I got rid of right away because of the way the woman on the cover was dressed. I didn't want to see that at all and I was sad that their boy had. The rest were better, like Shape or U.S. News and World Report, but they are not my favorite kind of thing to read. I also have more important things to do with my time. I do think news is important, but anyway, maybe you know what I mean.

These are the magazines that we like enough to get in the mail:
  1. The Ensign
  2. Parents
  3. Reader's Digest
  4. PC Magazine (actually don't know why it started coming -- a gift from D's parents or something?)
  5. Runner's World (we have some D bought and we're going to subscribe soon)
So I guess I'm posting this because I'm curious: do you have the same ones we do? What do you subscribe to that we don't? What do you like about them? The first pages I turn to in Parents and Reader's Digest are the funny ones.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Leap Day Dr. Visit - 15 months old

Shboogoo saw her pediatrician on Friday, February 29 and this is how big -- actually, not big -- she was:
  • Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz = 2nd percentile
  • Height: 28.9 inches = 8th percentile
  • Head: 45th percentile
She (the doctor) told me to do things like putting butter on the vegetables Shboogoo eats so she will get bigger. She is supposed to get back up to the growth curve which she dropped from. At her check-ups from 2 to 9 months she was over 20th percentile for weight. At 12 months and 15 months both her weight and height were lower than they had been. Her big head size is consistent, though. The only other problem is some eczema on her back; we got a prescription cream for it.

Goin' (gold)fishin'

She was holding and looking at the bag of Goldfish, not trying to open it. Then I went in another room, and came back a minute later . . .

Did you notice the squinty-eyed smile?

Right afterward I took pictures because her outfit is one of my favorites. The shoes, pants, and white onesie were all bought gently used on eBay. The sweater was a gift. I was so happy to get a picture of her putting her arms up! She has loved doing this ever since she saw a toy monkey in one of her books and mimicked it. In the second picture she was trying to sit back up and couldn't.