Tuesday, April 23, 2013

March 2013 (besides Easter)

I love this. He does, too.

We had our Relief Society birthday dinner on March 5th. I really felt the Spirit when some ladies read true stories of trials women have endured. A member of our ward's new R.S. presidency taught us how to make these Easter decorations. She's been making them for years and when her kids were young she sold enough of them to buy her kids bunk beds! Before the dinner, she had made the eggs out of sugar. Then she had us put the frosting on, and use frosting to glue the parts inside the egg and the flower on top. When I got my kids from the nursery to go home, they wanted to make their own eggs, too, and they were happy that we got to take extra stuff home so they could. Shboogoo said we had to add our initials so we would know whose was whose.

On Saturday March 9th the girls and I went shopping at Whole Foods, and I just thought they were adorable. The little one was clapping, and then she enjoyed holding my wallet. We had not known that we would be able to see a huge wheel of cheese. My favorite part was that because of the kids' club they each got a free piece of fruit, so I got to eat some delicious organic red pear.

The next day, we went to my brother-in-law Aaron's new apartment. He had invited everyone over to see it, have dinner, and also celebrate my sister-in-law's tenth birthday. Aaron's girlfriend did a wonderful job decorating. Unfortunately my husband couldn't come because of drill. However, after that he was able to sit with me and hold my hand during a fireside while my mom watched the kids. The speaker, author Chris Williams, talked about his experiences and encouraged us to forgive and to "get busy serving others." He said so many inspiring things.
L with Papa. And you can see some of Aaron's 500+ DVD collection.

On St. Patrick's Day (Sunday this year) I made sure we all had some green on and we put a cheap green tablecloth on our dining room table. I had created a little sign for the holiday. It says "Not lucky -- BLESSED!" and our kids love it. Dinner that night was some steamed cabbage, fresh tomato, corned beef and potatoes, and a fried egg. That's what my husband and older kids ate, but not me, because I was doing a strict two-week anti-headache diet that Dr. Fuhrman wrote about in Eat to Live. By the way, my headache didn't completely go away, but I didn't have a more severe one during that time, either. I do think that certain foods can be problematic, and I might do the diet again. It's great that at least 90% of his patients who ate this way were headache-free after the first three months. I know headaches are complicated, though, and that I don't want to take drugs very often. I definitely felt better overall, and more energy, the day in the middle of March when I had my first chiropractic adjustment since I was pregnant in 2011, and an acupuncture treatment right after. It was my first experience with acupuncture. Anyway . . . St. Patrick's Day (and Easter window clings):

In March we started to buy some of the things on our "things to buy with our tax return" list, including good shoes and work pants for Dad. For me the most exciting thing (at least until we get a new mattress and a high-speed blender) was our new cameraIt's a Canon Powershot SX150. My husband and I looked online and Target was selling this point-and-shoot camera for more than half off! So the next morning, Saturday, he and L went and purchased the very last one at that store. It has a better zoom and everything than our nice camera that broke, but I haven't taken the time to learn about everything it can do.

I wasn't excited about the reason for the first photo I took with the new camera: our oldest got pink eye (conjunctivitis). None of our kids had ever had it, until C did a few months ago. Shboogoo's teacher noticed she was itching her eye a lot. We took her to the doctor the next morning, and started putting in prescription drops and Genteal preservative-free drops. She stayed home from school on that Friday, Monday and Tuesday (soon before spring break, but this stuff is really contagious).

Of course the middle child got pink eye a few days later, and after a while the youngest got it too (second time for her). The eye goop wasn't too bad; First Girl and Third Girl each had just one morning when they couldn't open their eyes. But then there was coughing, too. My husband's all better, but when I started the draft for this post I wrote "D sometimes coughs pretty bad after laughing." He only went to one church meeting on Easter. I'm grateful that I didn't get sick, besides having to blow my nose for two or three days. . . .

Another new thing we bought was a phone, because I needed a new one. This is the one I chose. The price was $0.99 plus a fee.

Near the end of March we celebrated my niece's first birthday and had a great time with my extended family and my sister's husband's. I liked their Strawberry Shortcake theme. It was sweet how the birthday girl started to hand little pieces of her cupcake to her brother, and he was cute pushing the clubhouse mop and bucket around.
birthday girl with Uncle Nick

Monday, April 1, 2013

C's fourteenth month

C turned fourteen months old a little over a month ago (February). At this point she was standing and furniture-walking a lot more, but she was kind of between being a baby and being a toddler. No teeth, which is fine with me. She usually nursed four times a day.  Maybe once a day I help her drink a few sips of water or non-dairy milk from a regular cup. She couldn't figure out how to make anything come out of a sippy cup.

During her fourteenth month she tasted these new foodsoranges, ground flax seeds, purple cabbage, edamame (she had had soy products before, though), Enfagrow (just twice -- I think it was the cause of a diaper rash, and rather than this dairy/oil/sugar drink to help her gain weight, I increased the amount of avocado, nuts and seeds I fed her), almond butter, chicken (she rarely has it), celery, and beets.

Oh, speaking of Enfagrow, that is what the pediatrician gave me during the (expensive) weight and height check on February 8th. This was almost six weeks after the twelve month appointment when C was 1st percentile for weight. On February 8th she had gained some weight, but not as much as they would have liked her to. I plan to look at our kids' charts from the doctor to compare our girls to each other, but more importantly I want to see where they are and have been on the WHO charts for breastfed children.

We love it when C will do tricks for us, like putting her arms up. She likes to use her finger to make my lower lip make noise, and she blows to flap her own lips (what do you call that?). Shboogoo helps me out by playing with her, getting a cloth wipe wet in the bathroom sink, or carrying her into another room. It's so fun when our laughing or saying "that's funny" makes her do a little almost fake-sounding "ha ha ha" laugh. One thing I do to play with her is move my forehead from side to side on her belly. She laughs pretty hard at that. Her babbling is fun -- often it's "bob bob." With each of my kids I have joked that she's talking about her boyfriend Bob, not that we even know anyone with that name.

My last post has a few Valentine's Day photos of C, and here are a few others from her fourteenth month.
Sometimes she voluntarily folds her arms for prayers. This was February 18 -- not the first time she did it. It's cuter than the photo can show.
A cute girly outfit. And she randomly puts her hands over her eyes and says a loud "baw!" (her version of "boo!")
Enjoying one of her sisters' Pillow Pet Dream Lites

I don't care that this is upside down. In February I used Swagbucks to help me buy a printed diaper cover (shown below), and I also bought C her first FuzziBunz, to wear at night. RLR is a treatment I used to strip all our cloth diapers of ammonia build up.

Here's the cutie on her 14-month day (as you can see, when she was lying down she was not interested in keeping her legs down):

BYU Spirit shirt ($1.74 at Old Navy!)