Saturday, May 29, 2010

eleven months

Our sweet little L is growing up fast! My husband took a lot of pictures in our backyard on the day she turned eleven months old. She smiles a lot, but she hardly ever will do it for the camera. 

Two days before this (and less than a week after Daddy came home from Afghanistan), her first tooth came in. It's the front left tooth on the bottom (a central incisor). She makes a low growling sound sometimes; that's fun to hear. She can even put the growl into a word like "baba." The things she says most often are the h, sh, f, and t sounds. She also says Mama, up (but only randomly), and "da" or dad," which she sometimes says when she hears him say something in another room. 

She loves standing as well as cruising (walking sideways as she holds onto furniture or a low windowsill).  When someone holds her hands she walks a little bit but then wants to crawl. Sometimes she gets up on her tip-toes and I think that's adorable, too. She has become a fast stair-climber. She can wave by opening and closing her hand; she first waved when she was nine months old, but she does it much more often now. Probably her favorite food to feed herself is peas. She loves to eat and is working on figuring out how to use a sippy-cup. She is good at observing people and studying objects that she holds in her hands.

I have to include this fun photograph since she and her sister were wearing matching shirts (hand-me-downs from a neighbor).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I've got the month of May"

Where I live you can sometimes say "it's cold outside" when it IS the month of May, but anyway . . . 

"What can make me feel this way?" 

  • My girls

  • I finally completed this (after making one frame fall and having to buy a new piece of glass)

and some of these. I haven't sewn in years, but I made all-in-one cloth diapers!

  • My man -- not going back "to the Army" anymore.