Sunday, July 19, 2009

pictures of our new girl

On the camera my husband took with him are photos from labor, the hospital stay, and through June 24th. Here are my favorites of L since then.

5 days old:

She often managed to get one arm out after I swaddled her:

one week old:

8 days; her feet and one of Mommy's:

on a toddler-sized chair:

9 days:

10 days; her sister was comforting her but wanted to watch the movie.

15 days:

16 days:

17 days:

20 days:

23 days:

24 days; at my book club:

25 days:

26 days; Shboogoo let her "hold" her wand:

4 weeks:

Friday, July 10, 2009

the circle of life

Our baby was born on a Saturday (birth story coming soon) and her adoring daddy flew back to join his unit that Wednesday. We were happy he had been able to get paternity leave, which made his 6-day leave a 10-day leave. Within a week of him leaving again, my 90-year-old grandma died, D actually left the U.S., and I learned six or seven songs and played them on the piano at grandma's funeral. Meanwhile my body was healing from major surgery and I was sharing a room (at my mom's) with a toddler and a newborn. Needless to say it was a difficult week! It was good that my mom had us around when she wanted to talk and that I had her and my brother helping to take care of Shboogoo.

I wanted to call this post "the circle of life" and now it's kind of hard to turn my thoughts into sentences. (I did find this blog post about birth and death that is worth reading.) It was interesting that one person in my family began life on earth so soon before another's mortal life ended. One came and one left. We had planned to take L to meet her great-grandmother the day after she ended up passing away. It was sad that they just missed each other, with L being only five days old. But after the hospital told us about Grandma's death, at 10:30 pm, we (my mom, two of my siblings, my aunt, my cousin, my girls and I) went to see my grandma's body, talk and pray together. I believe my grandma's spirit has been able to see L.

After Grandma's funeral and the family lunch, my aunt talked to her daughter, my sister, and me. My grandma has only six grandchildren (not counting "steps"), and she had chosen a specific ring to give to each of us three granddaughters. She gave me her wedding ring from Grandpa Boyd. He's been my grandpa for 23 years (my biological grandfather died before I was born). I was so honored to receive this beautiful sentimental gift. I keep it in the ring box, but I have worn it a couple of times for a short while.

I love my Grandma and I will miss her. I already do. Certain streets and holidays will never be the same again. Shboogoo will miss the assisted living place with its fish and birds. I'm grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know Grandma's spirit is alive and will reunite with her body someday, to never be separated again. She had a testimony of the gospel, too. She and Grandpa were temple workers for ten years. Here are some pictures of her. (I absolutely love the one of her when she was my age; I think she sort of looked like me. But I don't have it here to scan it.)

2005, I think

December 2006, with her daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter

At my cousin's wedding reception in 2007

Christmas Eve 2008

Saturday, July 4, 2009

manda's blog's Person of the Year

Do you remember when Time magazine chose The American Soldier as its Person of the Year? That was the year my husband enlisted in the United States Army. This Independence Day I honor MY American soldier as Person of the Year (yeah, even though this is the middle of the year and not the end). These are some of my favorite pictures from his first deployment.

On guard duty, looking a little younger then and pre-Lasik surgery. He's so cute. (I think that camel spider was already dead.)

They prayed right before each mission, and he had someone take a picture of it one time.

When it rains, everything gets muddy. I like the angle of this picture and the serious looks on the faces of the men in uniform.

The "can" he and his buddy shared.

This picture and the next were taken in Qatar; often soldiers get to go there for a few days' vacation. One of the world's largest malls is there. They also swam in the Persian Gulf. It was December but it was not cold.

Old Glory, on the base that was D's home for most of the year.

I am feeling sappy because in the last few weeks my babe came home for 10 days, during which it was his birthday and Father's Day (now a father of two). We had to say goodbye again, but we did it quickly, and soon after that he began the actual deployment. This is the second time in his life that he has been out of the U.S. on July 4th. I wonder how he celebrated it. D is a really good soldier. He works hard to pass his PT (physical training) tests and earn promotions, and he doesn't like mediocrity. As a non-commissioned officer he leads others the way he should, but also with kindness. The opportunities and benefits that have come from his military service have blessed our family. I am happy to be his wife, and proud to be an American!

Friday, July 3, 2009

trying to get a good family picture

A couple of days ago I looked at the pictures we took back in March with my husband's family. {I currently live with these people, minus the three brothers. Plus baby L.} That day my husband put the camera on a tripod. For the pictures that he was in, he also used the timer. This was one of the best shots that we got:

And these moments -- when we weren't ready or we were just too cold -- made me laugh. Do you have goofy family pictures to share, too?