Tuesday, November 27, 2007

9 Years ago today . . .

. . . D asked me, after we saw A Bug's Life, "Do you wanna be my girl?" I said yes, so I was his girlfriend for almost two years until his mission (with 3 breakups in between because we didn't want to steady date). Actually, I went away to college before he went to the MTC. If you're reading this you probably know our story, but I'm writing a little bit anyway. That date on November 27, 1998 was pretty perfect. It was our fifth date. Of course we've grown much more deeply in love since then, as we've really gotten to know each other and been through so much together. But we consider that day to be one of our anniversaries. Usually each month one of us will say, "Happy 27th!" Last November 27th, like today, it snowed. That was the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital. I am very grateful to be a wife and mother.

One Year Old!

Saturday we had a great party with our families to celebrate "Shboogoo's" first birthday. The three of us have had colds, so we haven't taken the time yet to look at the photos and videos we made. But later I'll post some. She got some cute new clothes: doesn't seem to have an opinion about them. She also got some new toys and books: plays with them all the time. And her new record for walking is more than 25 steps. She sure brings us joy. (Grandpa D loves her even more than he loves BYU football!)


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hot Chocolate

(Happy half-birthday to my little sister!)
So, I need to go to bed . . . I should've cleaned once the baby was asleep, but instead just finished drinking some of this

and I loved it enough to write a post about it! It was our last packet from last winter. I am thankful, among many other things, for delicious flavors and for the simple pleasure of eating. Buying a variety of food is so convenient in our country. But it makes me sad to know that even in the U.S. there is poverty and hunger and malnutrition (also the opposite, with too much obesity). Anyway, the Thanksgiving meal my mom made yesterday was so good. For a Young Women activity (I'm in the presidency) we made "Thankful calenders." You write down 30 things you are grateful for -- a different one for each day in November. D and I are doing this together. It's helping me to have good thoughts; I feel so blessed. Because I am. I'm "better than I deserve."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Halloween Pics, finally

Shboogoo wore her ladybug costume to a housewarming party (her 4-year-old aunt came as a cowgirl in black-and-magenta), and then on other days for her many grandparents and for our party for Mutual. She also wore it the Friday before Halloween to a trunk-or-treat. But she'd been a little sick and by the time she woke up from her 2-hour nap, only one family was still there (with their baby giraffe). The pictures kind of show the ladybug wings and "flutter" feet; we had left the red hat at my dad's. We need to see Grandma Nene's pictures that show the hat. D worked the night of Halloween. She and I walked in the neighborhood a little; but, as we learned last year, trick or treaters don't come here. She enjoyed watching me carve the pumpkin, which I bought the 30th, carved the 31st, and kept out for a week or so. It was the first time I had carved one all by myself! Like Precious, my only costume was black and orange clothing. We don't usually care about decorating or doing much for this particular holiday. I think we'll get more into it next year because Shboogoo will be older.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

11 Months Old

Our girl turned 11 months old in October (3 weeks ago. . . so her birthday is next week!) Since about that time -- and she's especially progressed in the last week -- she can:
  • "Give me five"
  • Hit her own mouth a few times while saying "ahh," -- usually someone else has to do it first
  • Stand on her own for up to about 20 seconds before falling down
  • "Walk" to someone or something by taking 1-4 steps and then falling or grabbing.
  • Walk much faster than she used to, holding onto furniture.
The other day (between Oct. 13 and 31) I saw her in front of our open closet. That's normal. Then I noticed she was on top of the chest:

At D's dad's house she crawled (with me behind her) all the way up a flight of stairs and seemed pretty proud of herself.