Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hot Chocolate

(Happy half-birthday to my little sister!)
So, I need to go to bed . . . I should've cleaned once the baby was asleep, but instead just finished drinking some of this

and I loved it enough to write a post about it! It was our last packet from last winter. I am thankful, among many other things, for delicious flavors and for the simple pleasure of eating. Buying a variety of food is so convenient in our country. But it makes me sad to know that even in the U.S. there is poverty and hunger and malnutrition (also the opposite, with too much obesity). Anyway, the Thanksgiving meal my mom made yesterday was so good. For a Young Women activity (I'm in the presidency) we made "Thankful calenders." You write down 30 things you are grateful for -- a different one for each day in November. D and I are doing this together. It's helping me to have good thoughts; I feel so blessed. Because I am. I'm "better than I deserve."

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  1. Hey Amanda- "Tag" you're it- you can look at my blog to get an idea of what you're 'supposed' to do. Talk to you later.


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