Tuesday, November 13, 2007

11 Months Old

Our girl turned 11 months old in October (3 weeks ago. . . so her birthday is next week!) Since about that time -- and she's especially progressed in the last week -- she can:
  • "Give me five"
  • Hit her own mouth a few times while saying "ahh," -- usually someone else has to do it first
  • Stand on her own for up to about 20 seconds before falling down
  • "Walk" to someone or something by taking 1-4 steps and then falling or grabbing.
  • Walk much faster than she used to, holding onto furniture.
The other day (between Oct. 13 and 31) I saw her in front of our open closet. That's normal. Then I noticed she was on top of the chest:

At D's dad's house she crawled (with me behind her) all the way up a flight of stairs and seemed pretty proud of herself.

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  1. Yeah, no kidding (that I am back and that you have been bored). How are you? Thanks, I like the pics too. I had the idea for those two posts but it took me a long time to actually do for some reason.


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