Sunday, June 28, 2009

final filled-with-fetus photos

38 weeks and 5 days.
My friend's baby was due 3 days before mine. It turned out that they were both girls, and were born 8 days apart.

39 weeks and 2 days:

39 weeks and 5 days -- photo taken between contractions:

first dentist appointment

Shboogoo came with me when I had my teeth cleaned at the beginning of June. She thought it was so fun (they let her have a new toothbrush!). She looked forward to having her own visit to the dentist, less than two weeks later. I'm glad she was so good and had such a positive experience. I think she talked to everyone who worked there. I really like our dentist; he's the only one I've ever had. And now, the photos . . .

Monday, June 22, 2009

it's a GIRL!

We are happy to announce that Shboogoo has a little sister! D and I kind of thought this baby was a boy, but my brother-in-law was right. We've decided not to share her name on this blog; the initials are LM.
born June 2009
3:51 PM
5 pounds 14 ounces
20 inches

healthy, pretty, and sleepy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

continuing the countdown

Okay, I suppose the belly photos actually count up, showing the growth as the weeks passed. Counting down to the end of being pregnant, I have about 12 days left (11 when most of my readers see this).

:: About my appointment this week ::
My midwife said my cervix was soft (that's good), 25% effaced, and a fingertip dilated, meaning less than 1 cm. The baby is head-down, with the head slightly to my left. On Sunday I started taking these daily: evening primrose oil (to soften my cervix) and red raspberry leaf tea (to strengthen and prepare my uterus).

31 weeks pregnant:

32 weeks:

33 weeks:

34 weeks:

35.5 weeks / exactly 1 month before due date:

38 weeks (and 2 days):

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What does giving birth feel like?

I think that's a very good question, one that Rixa asked in what I think is one of her most interesting blog posts. She does her best to explain the sensations she experienced as she gave birth to her two children. I recommend you read the whole thing, but I will share the questions she asks at the end:
  • What did labor and birth feel like for you?
  • What made labor more or less painful for you?
  • If you have experienced labors with and without Pitocin, how would you describe the difference between the two?
Even though they're not all positive -- after all, labor is a physical challenge like running a marathon -- I liked all of the comments on her post.

I have been in labor before but I don't think I can describe very well what it felt like. I know that for me the contractions (I like the word "surges") were more uncomfortable than painful. I breathed through them, and using counter pressure and a birth ball helped. It seems so long ago -- almost 31 months -- but in about two weeks I'll do it again, and hopefully I will experience reaching full dilation and pushing as well. After this baby comes out, I'm determined to write as much about it as I can while it is fresh in my memory. (I still plan on writing what I remember of Shboogoo's birth story. Having my doula's notes will be a big help.)

I'm getting so close to my due date; it should be obvious that this topic is on my mind and that I am excited. I have spent a lot of time getting ready for my VBAC and our new baby. I attended a "summer intensive" Preparation for Childbirth class for about 10 hours this weekend. The teacher gave us some wonderful handouts and ideas for birth plans, coping, etc. By the way, I have had some Braxton Hicks recently. I will have my cervix checked for the first time on Monday. I will keep you posted! [In the poll on the right you can predict our baby's gender.]

I would love to read your answers to the questions above. I also want to know:
  • Did you eat while you were in labor?
  • Is there anything you regret doing or would do differently? (For example, my neighbor wanted her epidural stopped after just 5 minutes. It hadn't worn off, so pushing was difficult to feel, and she wishes she hadn't had the epidural at all.)
  • What positions did you use for labor? For birth?
  • Did you tear? If not, what do you think prevented you from tearing?