Friday, March 27, 2015

what 3-year-old C said to me today

This morning after my husband left to take First Girl and Second Girl to school, I closed the door, turned to Third Girl, and said like I do nearly every week day, "It's [C] and Mommy time!"

C said, "Yayyyyy!"

me: Do you love C and Mommy time?

C (smiling): Yes! You're so adorable. I just want to eat you.

Yep, we are so happy when we're together. I was away in another room to make this blog post, but actually played a video from facebook first, and then I could hear her crying. She wanted me to sit and watch Signing Time with her. I did, arms around her the whole time. It felt so good.

Friday, March 20, 2015

unfinished posts and some pictures

Since the last time I published was January 1st (!) and March is 2/3 over (somehow), I thought you might be interested to know about my unfinished blog posts. Just neglected drafts. I think I saw Jessica do this same kind of post -- the kind of post you are currently reading -- at least once. So these are the names of some posts that I may not ever finish.

  1. cloth diapering in a small apartment (I have pictures somewhere; I sometimes dried them in laundry baskets, on the grass between our apartment and the street and parking spaces. Blogger shows a 2012 date for this!)
  2.  Toxin & Toxin (I had read this in 2011, but unfortunately only those with a TFB Membership can read it now.)
  3. mommy brain
  4. C, age two to two-and-a-half (she is now three)
  5. First Girl's first grade (she is now in second grade)

Okay, I did look through my list of published posts from 2014. I didn't share very many pictures. For now, here are a few from last fall. My brother-in-law's wedding in September was perfect.


Yeah, that's all the photos for now. I have so many (just made with my smartphone) that I have not copied to the computer.

I'm really grateful that I was able to go to the temple by myself tonight and wrote some thoughts in my journal. Heavenly Father and his Son love me.

I'm also thinking about the friends I have made in the last almost-seven months since we moved here. I will be seeing some at meetings soon, related to my future postpartum doula business I am working on. I have to complete the certification. It'll be fun and satisfying, and flexible (my own business, my own schedule) so I won't be away from my family too much.