Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was so good this year! In the week that preceded Easter Sunday my cute husband and I went out for our anniversary and it was my week to teach our daughter's preschool class. 

For our anniversary date Nana had the big girls overnight, and we kept the babe. We began our date by having several inches of my hair cut off. I didn't have the minimum 8 inches to be able to donate, but I had been wanting it cut for a long time so I went ahead and did it. We ate dinner and then watched True Grit at home (it's not a romance but it's a great movie). I decided we didn't need a photo of us, because my hair wasn't styled and I wanted to just hang out with him instead of taking the time to do my hair.
We ordered this creamy kale salad to go (he wasn't thrilled about the restaurant like I was), then went to Pier 49 pizza.

My friend who organized the preschool group had assigned me to teach about Easter (and purple and a few other concepts). It was nice to be able to talk about Christ's atonement, crucifixion and resurrection. Two of our activities were reading the book In The Gardenand dying eggs using purple cabbage. I was kind of stressed because besides the two teaching days, I also had to come up with more activities for an Easter party on a different day. I failed to get the stuff for the craft project (daffodil pinwheels) cut before the party started, but they had fun playing and were able to put the craft  together.
The students looking at the baby before we started preschool that Tuesday.
Pantyhose keeps flowers and leaves in place on the eggs.
one of the eggs that cracked . . .
I don't know why some came out so much lighter than others.

Two of the eggs that Grandma and the girls dyed.

Cute "Happy Easter" outfit my mom's neighbor gave us.

On Easter we went to church at my mom's ward. Before going to her church building we let her see our girls' excitement as we gave them their baskets (candy, marbles for their Marble Works, and a new bath book for each of them). After the first meeting I took First Girl and Third Girl over to our sacrament meeting so First Girl could sing Did Jesus Really Live Again? with the primary. Back at my mom's we were able to see my sister and her family for a little bit. Then we went with my mother-in-law to her Uncle Monroe's 95th birthday party. Once we were home we didn't do much besides take some pictures outside.


Friday, April 20, 2012

preschool group at the farm

On a windy March day our preschool group (5 girls), their siblings and moms (one is a dad), and a few others from the neighborhood had a tour of a local historic farm. Here are some of the photos I took. We had so much fun!

p.s. You can see Shboogoo at this farm in my 2008 blog post {HERE}.

Shboogoo's turn shaking the container to make butter
demonstration at the blacksmith shop
They still milk cows here.
This was the day I met Anna, who is from Armenia.

mama goat nursing her kids
cute piglet
more cuteness
baby cow!
I honestly really like pigeons.

one of my favorite photos of these two

Thursday, April 12, 2012

C's third month

I've put some of Third Girl's hair in a ponytail already -- just once, at the end of February.

Staring at her oldest sister while having a bath.

C likes this box I made from the end of a Kleenex box. (A few weeks later I bought more linkables because our old ones got lost or something.)

My mom and me with my three kiddos (that thing stuck to my black pajama pants is going to be part of a tutu):

C at 11 1/2 weeks old (no teddy bear) (the second picture should be rotated; oh well):

She met this great-grandma on March 17th.

I adore this. C does it often.

Here's what she looked like at 10 weeks:

12 weeks:

3 months!

At three months she was more vocal, experimenting with vowel sounds. She was good at holding her head up. She slept probably 9-10 hours most nights.

A couple of days before this monthday we reached the end of her month of being-stuck-at-home-to-stay-healthy. I celebrated by taking all of the girls to Old Navy (matching tights!!!).

On the monthday I took her to a local farm for her first time, although I went there at least once while she was inside me. I'll have a separate post about that. The same day, her cousin was born! She just had to wait two days to meet her.