Thursday, April 12, 2012

C's third month

I've put some of Third Girl's hair in a ponytail already -- just once, at the end of February.

Staring at her oldest sister while having a bath.

C likes this box I made from the end of a Kleenex box. (A few weeks later I bought more linkables because our old ones got lost or something.)

My mom and me with my three kiddos (that thing stuck to my black pajama pants is going to be part of a tutu):

C at 11 1/2 weeks old (no teddy bear) (the second picture should be rotated; oh well):

She met this great-grandma on March 17th.

I adore this. C does it often.

Here's what she looked like at 10 weeks:

12 weeks:

3 months!

At three months she was more vocal, experimenting with vowel sounds. She was good at holding her head up. She slept probably 9-10 hours most nights.

A couple of days before this monthday we reached the end of her month of being-stuck-at-home-to-stay-healthy. I celebrated by taking all of the girls to Old Navy (matching tights!!!).

On the monthday I took her to a local farm for her first time, although I went there at least once while she was inside me. I'll have a separate post about that. The same day, her cousin was born! She just had to wait two days to meet her.


  1. She is so pretty! It's good to see all three of your sweet girls.


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