Monday, April 2, 2012

"day wime!"

This girl amuses me. I love the things she has said in the last few months as she has been trying to figure out how the English language works.

do they?
She likes words that rhyme. She thought she was so smart as she said things like this:
Beans, peas! Day wime!
Swimming suit, swimming pool! Day wime!
Peanuts, peanut butter! Day wime!
One time she said her three names with pauses in between, and then said "day wime." Yep, not even close. But adorable. 

On leap day I wrote this down because she did get it right: "Funny, bunny! Day wime. . . . My bunny's name is Funny." (Actually, it was a Pikachu figurine.)

puck = cup 
dig = get 
tug = cut 
MANgur = grandma
doog = good  
lape = plate 
dang = game

L says hims when she should say his, and adds an s to your. It was so awesome when she asked her dad if they could play more Mario (a.k.a. No-no):
We play last one shine sprite on yours No-no dang?

First Girl, seeing that Third Girl was about to cry, said "Here comes the cryin'." So Second Girl immediately said it, too, with her own interesting pronunciation: "Here pung the fwyin." We laughed out loud every time she said that sentence. Also, when she wants me to come with her she says, "Mommy, pung on! pung on!"

"Silly me." Apparently I say that a lot, so both of our older girls have made it part of their vocabulary.

Sometimes she complains, "Aaa-aww," when we tell her it's time to do something that she doesn't want to do. She learned that from First Girl. 

wrong words (these are pretty typical for young children, I think)
She confuses is and are
You is safe, baby.
What are this?
She uses I instead of me, us instead of we and vice versa, and not instead of don't or won't: 
Let I see!
Us not draw on puhtah [computer].
Nana gave we these.

missing words
I dress up little minute?
That tiny pen size of me.
I not how [I don't know how].
I need get weddy church.

SUCH a fun age! :o)

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  1. This will be so fun to look back on! Your girls will love it.


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