Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Halloween Pics, finally

Shboogoo wore her ladybug costume to a housewarming party (her 4-year-old aunt came as a cowgirl in black-and-magenta), and then on other days for her many grandparents and for our party for Mutual. She also wore it the Friday before Halloween to a trunk-or-treat. But she'd been a little sick and by the time she woke up from her 2-hour nap, only one family was still there (with their baby giraffe). The pictures kind of show the ladybug wings and "flutter" feet; we had left the red hat at my dad's. We need to see Grandma Nene's pictures that show the hat. D worked the night of Halloween. She and I walked in the neighborhood a little; but, as we learned last year, trick or treaters don't come here. She enjoyed watching me carve the pumpkin, which I bought the 30th, carved the 31st, and kept out for a week or so. It was the first time I had carved one all by myself! Like Precious, my only costume was black and orange clothing. We don't usually care about decorating or doing much for this particular holiday. I think we'll get more into it next year because Shboogoo will be older.

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