Sunday, July 19, 2009

pictures of our new girl

On the camera my husband took with him are photos from labor, the hospital stay, and through June 24th. Here are my favorites of L since then.

5 days old:

She often managed to get one arm out after I swaddled her:

one week old:

8 days; her feet and one of Mommy's:

on a toddler-sized chair:

9 days:

10 days; her sister was comforting her but wanted to watch the movie.

15 days:

16 days:

17 days:

20 days:

23 days:

24 days; at my book club:

25 days:

26 days; Shboogoo let her "hold" her wand:

4 weeks:


  1. She's so sweet!! I like the one of S comforting her, and the one where S let her "hold" her wand. What a great big sister!!

  2. OH FUN!! She's so beautiful!!!! What sweet pics of the two girls!!!

  3. Such sweet pictures Manda! Both of your girls are BEAUTIFUL! :)


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