Saturday, July 4, 2009

manda's blog's Person of the Year

Do you remember when Time magazine chose The American Soldier as its Person of the Year? That was the year my husband enlisted in the United States Army. This Independence Day I honor MY American soldier as Person of the Year (yeah, even though this is the middle of the year and not the end). These are some of my favorite pictures from his first deployment.

On guard duty, looking a little younger then and pre-Lasik surgery. He's so cute. (I think that camel spider was already dead.)

They prayed right before each mission, and he had someone take a picture of it one time.

When it rains, everything gets muddy. I like the angle of this picture and the serious looks on the faces of the men in uniform.

The "can" he and his buddy shared.

This picture and the next were taken in Qatar; often soldiers get to go there for a few days' vacation. One of the world's largest malls is there. They also swam in the Persian Gulf. It was December but it was not cold.

Old Glory, on the base that was D's home for most of the year.

I am feeling sappy because in the last few weeks my babe came home for 10 days, during which it was his birthday and Father's Day (now a father of two). We had to say goodbye again, but we did it quickly, and soon after that he began the actual deployment. This is the second time in his life that he has been out of the U.S. on July 4th. I wonder how he celebrated it. D is a really good soldier. He works hard to pass his PT (physical training) tests and earn promotions, and he doesn't like mediocrity. As a non-commissioned officer he leads others the way he should, but also with kindness. The opportunities and benefits that have come from his military service have blessed our family. I am happy to be his wife, and proud to be an American!


  1. Thank you to your husband for volunteer to serve and help keep our country safe. Thank you to you also for allowing him to be away for you for a time so he can serve.

    Congratulations on your new baby! It's definantly hard to keep the shaking away- it just seems to happen. How do you like the cloth diapers so far?

  2. I am so crazy in love with you.


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