Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Leap Day Dr. Visit - 15 months old

Shboogoo saw her pediatrician on Friday, February 29 and this is how big -- actually, not big -- she was:
  • Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz = 2nd percentile
  • Height: 28.9 inches = 8th percentile
  • Head: 45th percentile
She (the doctor) told me to do things like putting butter on the vegetables Shboogoo eats so she will get bigger. She is supposed to get back up to the growth curve which she dropped from. At her check-ups from 2 to 9 months she was over 20th percentile for weight. At 12 months and 15 months both her weight and height were lower than they had been. Her big head size is consistent, though. The only other problem is some eczema on her back; we got a prescription cream for it.


  1. That's funny. Both of my girls' heads were consistently larger too, especially Talia's. I think it just means their brains are growing good!

  2. she's a little thing, huh? My Ally is too, she was in the 5th percentile at her last appt, but 25th for head, and 50th for weight- my girls heads always grow consistantly! :) But she is on her curve, so they're not worried. In the pictures on your next post- are those puddle jumper shoes? They look familiar- I think we have the same ones in blue and pink. If they are puddlejumpers, they came from my friends' cute shoe business- good taste!

  3. She is. People are always amused when they see a littler toddler like her walking. :) Ally is adorable. Yep, they are puddle jumper shoes. I wanted some brown shoes for her. After I got them I saw on your blog that the brand is your favorite. It seems like you had mentioned or somehow I knew that it was your friends'. That's cool for them that they have had a lot of success with it.

  4. I thought the shoes looked familiar. The lady who owns the shoe business is the one I went to China with when she adopted a 2nd baby girl. She is the neatest lady, and I am SO SO SO happy for all her success- I'm really hoping she becomes a self-made millionaire with her business. You should check out her website, there are tons of cute shoes.
    I bet your little one does catch people off guard when you put her down and she takes off- makes it look like you have an amazing baby! (Of course, you do, just makes it look even more so, right?)


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