Friday, November 5, 2010

thankful month: day 5

Today I'm thankful that we can afford to have my husband working only part-time while he's finishing his degree (one year left). He usually works 13-18 hours a week. This is possible only because he's in the Army Reserve: the GI Bill is the biggest source of income for us. He also gets drill pay, and we have some savings we built up during his deployments. I know some wives and mommies who have had to say goodbye to their husbands early in the morning, and don't get to say hello again until after dinnertime some days. I admire those hardworking men, and my man works hard, too. I'm glad he can spend more than an hour or two with me every Monday through Friday. For his sake and mine, I'm happy he doesn't have to work full-time and be in school full-time (or work full-time and be a part-time student, making his education take even longer). 

This photo shows him doing some of the work of parenting, as we walked to church a few months ago:

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