Sunday, November 7, 2010

thankful month: day 7

I am thankful for:
  • Our 1-year-old was happier than usual during our church meetings because with Daylight Savings Time ending, she got more sleep before we had to leave. We didn't have to take her out (or to the back) of the classroom or the chapel even once.
  • I managed to shower, wash my face, put makeup on, do my hair and the girls' hair, brush my teeth, AND we got to church early!
  • Really cool people that live in our neighborhood. (One example: a family who moved in recently let me borrow their van when my husband locked his keys in the car. They said I can borrow it any time, since car seats can't go in the back of our truck. Also, if I had preferred, they would have watched the girls so I could go alone in the truck, even though they have three kids age three and under, one of whom is a newborn.)
  • All of the ways in which Heavenly Father lets me know that He knows and loves me personally.

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