Friday, October 3, 2008

"Don't Take Me!"

My daughter likes to say that after I have already picked her up. I wanted to write it here so I wouldn't forget.

Also, after she takes a bath, she has recently started saying "I don't like my towel." She must be going through a phase. She doesn't try to take off her clothes/diaper/underwear, fortunately. But she doesn't want her hooded towel on her even if I don't put the hood on. I tell her the towel helps her get dry and warm, and I very quickly dry her with it.

My favorite thing she says now -- about a hundred times a day -- is "otay." And the emphasis is usually on the tay. It's very cute. In fact, tonight after her bath and rejection of the aforementioned towel, she lined up her rubber ducks one by one against the wall. As she placed each duck she said to it, "Right dere [there], otay?" Her voice is especially cute today because she's got a cold. (It reminds me of a Friends episode. Click HERE.)

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  1. That year from 1 to 2 is so much fun with little ones!
    Hey, I tagged you...go to my blog for details!

  2. Hey manda,
    I changed it hope it helps :) Have a good night! :)


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