Friday, October 24, 2008

23 Months Old Today

My 23-month-old girl's current favorite things to say are:
  • Uh-oh, what happen? (What happened?)
  • What happeen? (What's happening?)
  • Wheh ah you (usually it is, out of nowhere, Noni, wheh ah you?)
  • Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the hill, or down the hill (depending on which one she's doing at the moment)
  • Da wheel haun? (This is her asking me to sing the wheel song from nursery -- the wheels on the bus go round and round)
  • She's also started saying peanut butter and pasta; she likes them both.
She loves to climb onto our bed and get under the covers to hide. But when I'm with her and we pretend we're sleeping, she doesn't understand that she needs to close her eyes. She laughs when I make fake snoring sounds, and she likes to be tickled. There have been times when I've asked her where something is and she has answered, "In the daddy room." Even though I call it mommy and daddy's room.

The other day I showed her one of my junior high drawings. I asked her, "Do you like the picture mommy drew?" She answered, "I lite the pitter mommy bawed." Bawed is the past tense of baw. Here she is bawing.

She calls Aunt Erika "ta" and Uncle Caleb "Taywub" and pronounces robot "whoa-bit."

She shows an imagination that I don't think she had a month ago. She makes a stuffed animal sit on her Elmo seat (on top of the toilet). She also helps one of them to lie down on the floor, puts a "blanket" on it and says something like "go to weep." One time the blanket was her jacket; another time it was a dryer sheet that was with the clean laundry. Those were completely her own ideas.

About a week ago we were walking around the neighborhood (no stroller, just letting her explore). She picked up a pinecone and said "pineapple." She's gotten it right since then, though.

Now I have a few more pictures to share -- we take tons of them. Shboogoo picked at her bandaid-less owie enough that it bled. It is finally almost 100% healed.

On October 11 she came with me to my cousin Jonathan's wedding

and at the luncheon she made a friend named Elsa

and got to help me eat this.


  1. She is so cute!! I can't believe how much she was talking when we went there for dinner. I don't see her that often, so it feels like it happened over night. She is getting so big!!

  2. She is so beautiful! both of my girls called pineapple a pinecone for awhile, so that's funny!


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