Thursday, October 23, 2008

No more 3 in the morning

As many of you know, that is how late my husband was working nearly every Friday and some Saturdays. Ten years after he was hired by Domino's, he has quit, sort of; I'll explain. He has been a server at The Old Spaghetti Factory since the end of September. The two weeknights that he works there are sometimes slower or they just have him on call, but the Friday and Saturday tips make up for that.

I said he only sort of quit because his boss is having a hard time finding people to close, so D has been going over there from about 10:30 until 3 AM (after his other job). He will be working both jobs on the same day every other Friday, not every Friday. Less 3 in the morning. It's also nice that sometimes Domino's can use him for at least a couple of hours on the nights that the Spaghetti Factory doesn't need him. There's your update on our little family! Thanks for caring. :)

P.S. Do you know anyone who would want to buy a 2-door 1994 Honda Civic? It's burgundy and has a manual transmission.


  1. That's awesome! How nice not to have that late late night!

  2. YAY!!! I can totally relate! It's SO NICE to get somewhat closer to a normal schedule!!! :)


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