Thursday, January 27, 2011

nineteen months

L is 19 months old; she's growing and changing and a lot of fun. I have a video of her touching or looking at each of these on her body: hair, forehead (she does the top of her head), ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, chin, neck, hands, belly button, and toes.

Remember me asking about baby sign language? I had to return that book to the library and I have been doing other reading. However, I did teach her a few signs that she uses sometimes. Her favorite is "car". She'll sign it (which is really cute as she looks at me and smiles) or say the word. It seems like she hasn't done both at the same time, although I have. She signs "eat," but pretty much only if I ask her to. The other word she will sometimes sign, but prefers to say, is "baby." Several times I have signed "drink" while asking if she wants one; she hasn't wanted to do the sign, but that's okay with me.

Words she speaks: "yuck" (often she holds out the "y" for a while, and her "ck" makes her sound German): when she picks up a crumb or sees her dirty diaper.

"Mama" for me and "dada" for her dad (but she loves to combine them or call anything "dada.") She's been saying "dada" much longer than "yuck." Looking at photos, I point to dad and ask her who he is and she says "dada." But, also, when I ask who she is she usually says "dada," and then I tell her to say "me," which she can do.

"mo" = more
"pwee" or "pweez" = please
"uh oh"

 "beh" = bed (similar word for bread, too)
"bee-bee" or "beh-beh" = baby

 "bee" for just about every bird she sees in a book.
"book" (but without the "k") 
"baw!" = ball or bye

{You're never too young to "hold to the rod, the iron rod . . ."}

"dah!" = dog (points to the window when we hear one bark outside) or car or star.
"eye," if I say it first.

 Most recently: I tell her to say "love you" and she says "wuh woo" or something like "wuh boo." :-)

 {I think she thought the sword was a trumpet.}

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  1. CUTE! I can't get over how much blonder she is than S! I think she looks like D and S looks like you, but I don't know because the girls look so much alike too! :) What a fun age!


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