Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas {2010}

:: party at our church :: the only picture of all four of us ::

:: Christmas Eve afternoon at Mom (my mother-in-law) and her roommate Shauna's place ::

:: dinner at my mom's house :: with my husband's mom, too :: plus my younger brother, and my sister and her husband and baby ::

:: Christmas morning at our house :: Marbleworks, books, and a wooden shape sorter, oh my! ::

:: late breakfast at my father-in-law's ::

:: 2 p.m. party at my husband's aunt's house (where Grandma lives now) :: we each wrote on the back of a paper present an activity we commit to doing with Grandma ::

:: finally, my dad's house for more gifts and dinner -- no photos, but it was fun! :: back home to put our girls to bed :: still, still still ::


  1. Love the reflection of the Christmas tree in the 4th picture- looks pretty. Glad your family enjoyed a lovely Christmas, and that you got to enjoy it together this year- hooray for having Drew home! happy 2011.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your girls sure do look a lot alike. I really like the last picture of a Christmas tree. How did they make it?? Very cute!


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