Saturday, February 5, 2011

queen of randomness

Maybe I have mentioned before that my roommate Emily (my first-year-of-college-Emily, not my second-year-of-college-Emily) accurately referred to me as the queen of randomness.

I have had so much on my mind lately. I know that doesn't make me unique, but it's just so much: 
  • decision-making and depression in my family
  • running my first half-marathon soon, and considering a full marathon
  • friendships
  • my annoying phone that I'm using because my pink one is missing
  • birth politics and other topics I like to learn about (I am not pregnant)
  • my girls fighting over things and screaming
  • how I might use my degree someday
  • my unfinished craft projects
  • taxes
  • pride
  • homelessness
  • obesity and disease
  • our bathrooms that I need to clean
  • the fact that I never feel like putting away the laundry
  • the news
  • the difficulties of relationships
  • the decorating we haven't done
  • my relative who recently finished his prison time
  • radio stations and home-based businesses I would support if we had more income
  • my grandpa's funeral at the end of January
  • how nice it is to simplify our food by focusing on vegetables and fruits and using only a few coupons
  • beauty and blessings
  • whether or not I care about changing my blog template . . .

I figured I may as well share more randomness, shown in some of my January photos.

I used the JoAnn gift card from my sister, plus there was a sale, so this is about $84 worth of stuff and I only had to pay $27.

We visited a friend who lives about 2 hours away; her husband blessed their youngest and baptized their oldest.

Our big girl loves to make "computers" out of books.

I let her finish the oatmeal.

Saw this adorable dog while leaving the post office. My husband wants a pug.

Our church building.

Shboogoo had so much fun pushing her own cart.

I bought Shboogoo some new boots.

Snow on stone.


  1. Was that me?? If so, I honestly don't remember saying that! And yet at the same time I can totally see myself saying that :) If that makes sense...

  2. I remember saying during an FHE that fall that there are no snakes in Ireland. Yes, I mean you, and yes, your comment makes sense :), but I don't think you said it out loud. You gave me a Dilbert book for Christmas called Random Acts of Management. Inside you wrote, "For Amanda, "the queen of randomness."

  3. Ah, totally remember that now! I think I gave Sarah a cookbook too...


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