Friday, February 11, 2011

time for your thoughts on the new design

This should be a quick post, on this historic day for Egypt (not that I know a whole lot about what's happening, and the tasks I need to do are the real reason I need to get off the computer). I have spent some time today -- I don't really know how much -- changing the look of my blog: its colors (lavender-y instead of orange-y), layout, font, etc. I have stuck with Blogger. I don't want to put money or too much time into web design, and I'm not at all an expert on things like html. I think I love the new look! I am not satisfied with the header, and I am not done adding links to other blogs. I hope the links within my posts stand out well enough. Any thoughts on the changes or my pages (the five (for now) things across the top of the blog, just under the collage)? Please scroll all the way to the bottom before letting me know. Thanks!


  1. I like it a lot! Love the color and how you have the tabs at the top.

  2. It looks so nice, Amanda! Good job! I agree with you about the photo collage on top, it doesn't seem like it quite fits, yet. It looks like there a few glitches on the site. When I clicked on the birth stories tab, there were a bunch of titles layered. Or maybe it's my computer. The purple is a great color!

  3. Thanks, Katie. I hadn't noticed the weird layered stuff because I hadn't looked at that page, but it did happen on my computer, too, not just yours. It's fixed now.


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