Saturday, October 31, 2009

a little mover and a little artist

This morning Shboogoo and her aunt E wanted to exercise to my DVD instead of watching Enchanted. Meanwhile, I put L on this pink blanket, near the middle of it. If I had a "before" picture, you would see her head on the right side. Within minutes, the sight of her like this made me smile:

One thing Shboogoo did during L's nap was draw. She loves to draw, and still pronounces the word as "baw." This video says it all. The photo shows the finished product.


  1. We seriously have the most adorable girls on the planet!

  2. I love when my kiddos draw--they make treasures!! :) I love that you videotaped it! That's a great idea!! And better keep up with L, or in no time you'll be running after her!!! :) haha!

  3. I think I took it off but the website I got them from is I got them in feb so I'm not sure what their prices are now but they were pretty reasonable before.


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