Friday, November 13, 2009

halloween festivities {2009}

I may be one of the last people on the planet to post about Halloween, but I read another Halloween post that was just published two or three days ago. We did some fun things this year. For once, Shboogoo was not dressed in the ladybug costume that she wore for her first two Halloweens!


October 29 ~ Our preschool (basically a structured playgroup with four other kids) met at a store for its story time. Shboogoo wanted everything there; it really is fantastic.

Halloween Eve ~ We saw witches with Grandma Nene.

Halloween ~ We trick-or-treated on Nana's street with her and Uncle Mark. (The two of them were not in costume. I was a big piece of paper for the crayons to color on. We took this terrible photo of me with my girls another night.) Then we went to a party at the lovely home of my younger sister and her husband. That's Mark singing to Beatles Rock Band.

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