Wednesday, October 7, 2009

an anniversary, a half-iversary, and other thoughts

{I have a talent for remembering dates and numbers related to my life, even the birthdays of people I am not very close to . . .}

Twenty years ago today, my dad baptized me.

Exactly five and a half years ago, I received another ordinance: I became my best friend's wife.

It was also the beginning of October, a year and a half before the wedding, when D came home from his mission. I went to his house with some other friends (I think it was Matt, Josh, Kim, and Bryan) that night. But he did not hug me until the fifth day. (That's okay. Within a month or so we were saying I love yous, and in December people started asking us when we were going to get married.) We still use the car he bought that month.

I watched at least one session of that general conference with him. Listening to general conference this past weekend gave me peace and zeal. We are so blessed to have the holy priesthood and true prophets and apostles.

Now I just remembered that next week it will have been a year since we found out that D was going to be deployed and, the very next day, that I was pregnant. Life is so interesting.

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  1. I love numbers and dates too. And yes, I knew I was pregnant, but I was barely so. Love you!


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