Sunday, October 25, 2009

four months

L's fourth monthday:

at her checkup:

:: growth ::

2 weeks
7.28 lbs (16%)
20.47 in (51%)
14.2 in (45%)
2 months
10.45 lbs (39%)
22.48 in (54%)
15.4 in (56%)
4 months
12.21 lbs (19%)
24.45 in (58%)
16.1 in (51%)

She is a really easy and content baby most of the time. She sleeps about 11 hours at night and takes naps. It seems that she cries only when she wants her diaper changed or is very tired . . . or if she's awake and it's been a while since somebody paid attention to her.

Darn, I guess I didn't write down the date, but probably three or four Thursdays ago she rolled over for the first time. (It was after the "three months" post.) She rolls from tummy to back, usually to her left. She has not rolled completely from back to tummy, but when lying on her back she does manage to turn onto her side. When she is lying down she also rotates herself 180 degrees.

She has started to laugh a little -- so adorable! She does it when I tickle her neck with my kisses or occasionally when I play peek-a-boo with her. I need to make a video of this.

She likes to: swing; sit on my lap or stand up on my lap; touch her hands; take a bath; suck on her thumb, fingers, or fist; watch and smile at her big sister.


  1. I love that little beanie. She looks a lot like S in that last picture. :)

  2. Your girls have such big eyes, so pretty! I'm excited to see your new little one in person, are you going to be in SL for anything this week? I think things are a little less crazy at our house (until the next week when all of the wedding festivities REALLY kick in!)
    Thanks for sharing your cute pics! What a sweetie.

  3. OH so adorable!!! She looks like a doll asleep!! So cute!!

  4. So beautiful, I am glad L is doing so well and growing great! I love it when they start to interact with you, so much fun.

  5. Such a cutie! My boy already passed her up at 2 months he's 26 inches. I feel obligated to teach him basketball so he doesn't feel stupid when asked, "hey, you must play basketball, huh?" 10 million times when he's older.

    I love how you told all the things she likes to do. You are a wonderful mother!


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