Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big Two-Oh (20 Months Old)

It's been a while since I published a post. I'm back! Yesterday we took our little girl's monthday photos. I've done this almost every month on the 24th but I have to thank Anne and Spencer (and Katie and Jeremiah) for the term. I didn't know what to call them.

We had to wake her up at 5:30 in the morning because D was in the parade in his uniform and had to be there at 6:00. She handled the weird sleep schedule surprisingly well.

Little nap before the parade started

Right about 10:59 AM, the minute of her birth - my mom
is holding her and D's mom is on the far left.

She wanted the girly trike you see on the right . . .
at least until she remembered she could take her sandals off.

A yummy free fudgsicle on a hot day!
It did get on her lemon tree shirt, which makes me sad.

This is how Shboogoo has changed in the last month:
  • She weighs almost 23 pounds.
  • Her hair is getting longer, enough that I can put it in a little ponytail!
  • Her eleventh tooth recently appeared.
  • Talking. Lots of it. (Not all understandable, of course). Her vocabulary includes more than 60 words. She has little sentences like "I don't want to" and "my milk, mommy."
  • We started having her sit on her Elmo potty seat; it's the kind that goes on top of the regular toilet. I'm so glad she has peed in the toilet four days in a row! If anyone has tips on the transition from diapers to underwear, please share.


  1. She's such a doll. I have the cutest niece ever! So come check out my blog....

  2. OK, I just have to say that she's ADORABLE! She has the cutest eyes ever, as if you didn't already know that! :)


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