Sunday, August 30, 2009

two years and nine months

Here is an update on First Girl. She is getting more and more fun (when she's not throwing a fit about something, like wanting to take her ponytails out, or not wanting to sleep in her own bed). And I'm thrilled that her hair is getting longer!

She likes to pose. Here she is at exactly 2 years and 9 months old.

I get various smiles from her that are not her "natural" smile.

She likes pretty things. Apparently with the headbands around her legs she looks like Cinderella.

She likes her baby sister. Often she says, in a high voice, "Lil [L], are you otay?"

Some of her fun pronunciations:

sandwich is "HAM-a-wit"
beautiful is "beau-di-dull"
fabulous is "hab-ee-lit"
Afghanistan is "a-DAN-i-dan"
face is "hate" (she can't made the f or s sounds)
her friend Siena is "beehenna"
Cinderella is "hee-a-WELL-a"
phone is "hone"
take a shower is "tate a how"

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