Friday, September 4, 2009

pioneer trek

"Whenever I think about pioneers,
I think of brave women and men . . ."

A few weeks ago, close to Pioneer Day, someone in church said that although going on a pioneer trek was not easy for her, she would do it again in a heartbeat. She said it was one of the greatest experiences of her entire life. I definitely agree.

I went on a trek as a 14-year-old, and then two years ago; I learned a lot both times. I cannot deny that the Holy Ghost was with us. I was humbled. I served and others served me. Both times, my love increased: for people (the pioneers of the 1800s as well as those I was with), for God's creations, for the hymns, and for the scriptures. I did not miss technology while we were there. Sometimes it was silent, but even when it wasn't there were plenty of moments to think and to feel. The trail the early Saints traveled on is holy ground, and I can't fully express what I gained spiritually from the physical work of pushing a handcart along that path for up to 13 miles a day.

When I went as a Ma it was hard to be away from 8-month-old Shboogoo and to have to keep finding a private place to pump and dump my milk. But when it was over, D and I returned to her. How could women quickly bury their babies or other loved ones, and then move on? I guess they did it because the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and is worth dying for.


I have only one photo from my first pioneer trek. I don't have it scanned in, but I like it so I'll go ahead and describe it. It's of me bearing my testimony in front of everyone. One of the leaders told the whole group that four people had been chosen to share their testimonies before we would split up for family testimony meetings. I knew, before they said my name, that I would be one of the four. That was just one of several aspects of the trek which helped me become less shy. Oh, yeah, and D -- who was also 14 at the time -- was assigned to the same family as me. I actually remember feeling back then that I was supposed to get to know him better and that that was why he was my trek brother.

These are my personal favorite photos (we have over a thousand!) from the trek in 2007. (I still look 14, don't I.) We had a photographer and a videographer who came with us, so each participant received CDs of photos and a DVD.

Here we are on the first day:

The next four were taken at Independence Rock:

Women's Pull:

Our family:

I didn't have any of these problems:

The appropriately-named Rocky Ridge:

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  1. I think that is a really cool memory! and experience too! Maybe one day we'll get the chance to have a go! Thank you for sharing!!


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