Tuesday, September 22, 2009

three months

First, some photos of L at age two months and 3-4 weeks:

(I keep uploading this one, but Blogger will not recognize that I rotated it.)

These are from the exact Monthday (the day L turned 3 months old -- that sounds so much older to me than 2 months!) She's getting chubbier and has more of a personality. We're so glad she is in our family! Her dad's dad's mom, who lives a few hours away, finally got to meet her.

The four generations, minus D (and this is his dad, not mine).


  1. She's a doll! There is definitely similarities between her and S!

  2. So so cute! I just love these pictures. You all look so cute in the orange. I wish you lived closer! At least you might be moving closer eh? :)

  3. So cute and still so little! Congrats again! I have a picture almost exactly like the last one. It's my favorite. I love how content she looks!


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