Monday, August 24, 2009

two months

I took these the day L turned 2 months old:

She was in a good mood; notice the milky bubbles.

And then she tipped to the side.

Looks as though she's flexing her bicep!
I'd forgotten all about this darling bonnet that our first girl didn't get to wear much.
(Yep, this is the same day, after L required a change of clothes.)


Now, compare those to her at about a day old:

and one month old:

and her sister at about the same age (2 months):


  1. I think they look VERY MUCH alike!! She's so adorable!!! :) Great job mom & dad! ;)

  2. They do look alike! I'm curious to see what L will look like when she's S's age. Such cuties!!!


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