Saturday, August 29, 2009


This was just a really good day, with all the little things combined.
  • I got up early (7:30) and went to the temple while my in-laws watched the kids. It was nice to serve in the temple; I hadn't been since May. As I walked toward the temple I said "good morning" to an older woman and we walked together. She kept the conversation going until we were inside, which was enough time to say that the parking lot was pretty full, that we both had our toenails painted, and that she plays the organ in the chapel.
  • I bought fresh fudge on the way home.
  • I finished and mailed a letter to a relative.
  • At a yard sale I got nine books for two bucks.
  • I picked up my camera; I had left it at my neighbor's yesterday.
  • Shboogoo finally fell asleep. While she napped I nursed the baby for a few minutes, then changed my clothes to go out for a run. My step-mother-in-law held L for me while I went. It's not hard to put one of the kids in a stroller (I don't have a double stroller yet), but it is easier by myself. I love the things I get to see on the neighborhood trail. I captured some of them with my camera. There was even a real goat today by the creek.
  • Soon after I got out of the shower Shboogoo woke up and came to me. She had slept for an hour and a half, her underwear was still dry, and she used the toilet. Usually her pull-up is wet in the morning, but she's great at using the bathroom during the day. Sometimes she even tells me she needs to go to the bathroom.
  • While we waited for dinner, Shboogoo and her young aunt E played well in the backyard and I did a little bit of reading.
  • My step-mother-in-law and E talked about words that rhyme, which made me remember a certain song in my Sesame Street Songbook. I got it out and played 5 or 10 of the songs, which was fun. A lot of them I don't know from when I watched the show as a kid; I learned them from the book when I was a teenager. A few, like What Do I Do When I'm Alone?, are really really beautiful.
I love the freedom and flexibility I have as a grownup. My little ones need a lot of my time, but that time with them is enjoyable and fulfilling for me. (They are so darn cute.) I like who I am right now.

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