Saturday, January 3, 2009

Professional Photos

First I want to recommend that if you read this through Google Reader, you click over to my blog itself. I changed the header and a few things in the right column. I have a poll that is still open. I'd appreciate those of you who have my last name on your blog (on your blog list) removing my last name; just using my first name instead. Most of you have already done this.

The lovely new header photo was taken the week before Christmas. I was glad I found the photographer, who is related to an old friend of mine. We really like Tim's work and had a lot of fun having him take pictures -- mostly candid -- of us outside. The day after the photo shoot he gives you all the pictures on CD (for us this was over 450 pictures!), with a lot of the good ones edited, and you can print whatever you want. Check out some more of the photos Tim took:

See the snow falling?


  1. Cute pictures! That is great that you got that many pictures! I would love that.


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