Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's go on vacation tonight

what I see outside when I am at home in January:
frost, buildings, snow, dirty snow, inversion

what I see outside when I am in St. George in January:
red rock, clean blue sky, cacti, palm trees, many stars

We have been wanting to see some family and friends who now live in the St. George area. The problem was having enough time in our schedule. When my husband told me he had an extra night off work I said, "let's go to St. George tonight." It was one of the best decisions ever. He didn't have to take any time off work, gas prices are low, we stayed at a relative's, and it was such a nice break.

(Our last vacation together -- well, the last real vacation for either of us -- was in April 2007! I'm not counting our travels for the military or pioneer trek because they were hard work, or the all-in-one-day trip a few hours north for a funeral.) We got there at 3 am and went to sleep, and then had three and a half days of relaxation, with no set plans.

I will have the pictures in a separate post after I edit them.

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  1. That sounds fun! I had no idea you even left. You should definitely post some pictures. :)


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