Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas and the End of 2008

I just noticed I've published 100 posts! This is number 101. I hope you have liked reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed yours.

These are pictures showing the rest of our family's December fun (well, the times when somebody had a camera).

  • Ward party, December 13th

This is the chair Santa sat in once he came. Shboogoo had gone up on stage to sit here a bunch of times. She liked him and the candy cane he gave her. She loved going to lots of parties.

Some of the kids sat on the floor to watch The Nativity. The sisters next to Shboogoo, plus the blonde to the left of the girl wearing red, hung out with Shboogoo the whole time.

  • Watching one of the many snow storms

  • Body Worlds, December 22 (we went with Grandma Nene, Shauna, and Uncle Aaron)

  • Loving the new blocks, in her Christmas dress, after Christmas Eve dinner at Nana's

  • Christmas morning at our own home was both exciting and peaceful. Watching our girl run out to the tree and really "get it" this year was so fun. She had been saying every day, "Santa be coming! I open presents on Christmas!" [but with her own pronunciations, of course.] We didn't want to take more pictures, but I promise D was there!
We gave her 3 wooden cars bought here and wrapped in individual boxes, Bee Movie, Tibbar's Everyday Big Board (I am still a SimplyFun consultant), a dress she can wear later, and her stocking stuffers. I think that was all. Her grandparents gave her a lot.

  • Roommate reunion, December 30 -- Bobbi, Sarah, Annika and I hadn't all been together since we were roommates in 2002.

Shboogoo played with Sarah's two kids and Bobbi's son.

  • New Year's Eve -- No pictures, but D had a good night delivering pizzas while Shboogoo and I had a lot of fun at my friend Anne's party. Shboogoo was up past midnight and then the three of us didn't wake up until about 10:30 New Year's Day.

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