Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween costumes

Besides two trunk-or-treats, I didn't take Shboogoo trick-or-treating this year. She is probably too young to understand how it works, we don't want her eating a lot of candy, and D worked that night. I was amazed that one trick-or-treater came to our place because the first two Halloweens that we were here nobody came at all.

I am sad, though, that we never went to Gardner Village. We totally were going to with other young moms in the ward, but I didn't want Shboogoo to give other kids her cough. The other thing I didn't get around to was making her a crayon costume. I was going to use fabric and supplies that we already had. I think I will start to make it next September! We did borrow this pumpkin costume to try on (too small):

The next picture was our fun ward trunk-or-treat. Our friend just emailed us the picture. Look at the far right -- our ladybug was holding a balloon (the hat is on backwards, so you can't see the face). It's the same ladybug she wore last year, so it was a little small but still bigger than the pumpkin. D is one of the soldiers in the back. I didn't have anything interesting to wear as a costume.

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