Sunday, November 30, 2008


D took Shboogoo's 24-month-day photos. I had him do it close to the exact minute that she was born. (This was right when I got home from my appointment with my midwife. The heartbeat sounded great!)

These are some of the great sentences that have come from my chatterbox daughter's mouth. I wrote them as she said them; many of them were the week ending November 15.

I need da pen.
Daddy put da bandaid on.
Da ball ta-ting [taking] a bath.
I want taw-tit [chocolate] miwt [milk], mommy.
My book at my libay [library]!
I weep [sleep] well in my tib [crib].
My duttie [duckie] floating and laying down.
Da leaves outhide [outside] fell off the tree.
Mommy, come in my room, mommy.
Lana has a baby inhide.
Daddy went the batho [bathroom].
My new tup [cup] at Tar-it {Target].
Da mouse holding da ball (while I'm reading a Mercer Mayer book to her)
I wanna hit [sit] on Mommy.

We were reading her book that contains pictures of flags, and I started pointing and naming the countries they represent. She stopped me so she could point to the last one: ours. And what did she say? Nothing that was like USA or America. She said "weh-da-bama" -- the same word she says when we show her Obama and ask her who it is. Apparently she knows that our flag has something to do with him. I am fascinated by this!

She says "too" all the time now. For example, if I say, "We like to read books," she says, "I like to read books, too."

My little sister was the photographer at the birthday party that night. We had most of our immediate families and two of our grandparents there. D prepared things for our yummy chicken tacos while I hurried back home to get the ice cream we had forgotten. It turned out to be really fun and we missed those who weren't able to come. Shboogoo loves singing the Happy Birthday song now. These were the best of the photos.


  1. How fun! She's so cute. Speaking of cute little ones, is "Mr. Baby" an indication that a little brother is on the way?

  2. "Mr. Baby" is what we called our first one before we knew it was a girl. This time we decided we want to be surprised. People will know the gender and name after he or she is born.

  3. It sounds like she's a good little talker, that's fun.
    I was just reading your comment here, and that you're planning to be surprised on the gender- how fun! I would love to do that at least once, we'll see if I'll be able to talk my hubby into it. He's pretty much thinking he'll be stuck with all girls anyhow, but you never know! Perhaps in the future we'll have a little Mr. Shosted.


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