Saturday, August 30, 2008

One and Three-Quarters

On Sunday Shboogoo turned 21 months old.

I think she looks like our friends' daughter Makaya in the picture on the left.

I was so happy to capture the funny face she made in the picture on the right. She was looking at something on tv, and it wasn't unpleasant so I don't understand why she made that face. What I wanted to show was that she sat on daddy's backpack like it was a chair.

She mostly wears 18-24 month size clothing but is getting bigger. What else can I say . . . She's going through a juice phase; she asks for it all the time ("I want doot, mommy") and rarely asks for milk. She had a huge tantrum this week over juice and wouldn't even let me read to her before making her take a nap. I'm amazed at how well she communicates and remembers things. She tells me about every plane or helicopter that flies by. Every time we go to my car she remembers that the car next to ours is Tom's car; if it's there she says "Tom car" and if it isn't she says "Tom gone." She has become very independent: she says "I do it." I can hold her hand to help her walk on a curb, but she doesn't want me to put my other hand on her back. She says "in my hand" so I will put a piece of food in her hand instead of right into her mouth. She tells us what she wants. Sometimes she lets me know that she wants to go home. Other things she says all the time are "I don't lite [like] it," "I want down," "I want more," "All done," "my pib [crib]," "my mommy," etc. and "cute [tyoot]," which usually describes her shirt. I like that "hoop" means both swimming suit and soup. It is just so fun to watch her grow and to know that she loves being with us.

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  1. Hey, I am glad you found my blog. It is fun to kind of keep in touch with it. Your little girl is so cute!


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