Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Advertisement for a Kenneth Cope album

On our iPod (which D and I call our Pie-mod), my favorite album to hear while I run is Kenneth Cope's "All About You."
It's not typical workout music. The title track says "for me, Lord, it's all about you," so the "You" is Him. Some of the songs aren't even fast or upbeat, but to me it is the lyrics that motivate (although the music is beautiful). This is some of what I listened to yesterday morning as I ran further than I ever have before:

You're the breath of all that runs and crawls and swims and flies.
More trained and more aware,More aim to get me there.I climb this far,You raise the bar.You want my heart.More fierce desire to stand against the wind . . .
You want more and more of me to give.

Tell me;
Tell of a God who won't slow down,
who will not rest 'til I am found.
You want more and more of me to give.
Tell me;Tell of a God who won't slow down,who will not rest 'til I am found.
I'm beginning to feel it . . .It's a power that I can't explain,as it flows, and it grows, and it shapes my faith .

He leaves the fold to find me.
His touch reclaims, reminds me
His face is Hope;
His name is Love.
He's writing His name on my heart,
working the change from the inside,
pouring out grace from the start,
with nothing but love.
Oh Lord, don't fail to find me.
Reclaim, reform, refine me,
'til my face is Hope
and my name is Love.

After all I can do, it's still You, it's still You.
I decided that I am going to increase the distance of my longest run each week so I can run a 10k on Saturday, September 6th. I've never been in a race before, but had fun cheering on my husband during his half-marathon two years ago. Anyway, the race I'll be participating in is a 5k/10k run/walk for women only.

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  1. Good luck with the 10 k Amanda! I thought about doing that run earlier in the summer when i was running every week to mix things up, but I seriously doubt I could do it now...


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