Friday, June 13, 2008

18-month Checkup

I think the digital camera is the best invention ever. Don't you? I get to take as many pictures as I want, and see immediately exactly how they turn out! These are some of the pictures from the doctor's office today.

Nemo stickers and a chair that can spin!

Shot --> crying. Sucker --> crying stops.

ready to leave

So, Shboogoo reached the 18-month mark 3 weeks ago and I finally remembered to schedule her appointment. It went well except that we hope her soft spot will close the rest of the way soon. I like her pediatrician. Shboogoo seems to like everyone, especially if they give her attention. But of course she wasn't happy with the nurse after the nurse gave her the shot.

Here's the "Check-up Snapshot" (posted mostly for the sake of the grandparents and my posterity):
Weight: 21 pounds / 2nd percentile
Height: 29.4 inches / 2nd percentile
Head: 46.5 cm / 47th percentile

(Does anyone know why in the U.S. we use inches for height but we don't use inches for head circumference?)

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