Monday, June 23, 2008

Meeting Cousins

On Saturday Shboogoo met my brother Joel's sons for the first time. They live in a different state. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Brandi because she was at a bridal shower, but we hung out with the boys. They kids liked each other and had fun!

My mom commented that Joel's son Dylan and my daughter look very much like Joel and I did when we were little. Then we realized that the age gap is almost the same, too. Joel is about 19 months older than me, and Dylan is about 20 months older than Shboogoo. (Dylan was born in March 2005, Shboogoo in November 2006, and Bryce in April 2007.)


  1. I think the youngest boy and your daughter look very much alike!

  2. What cute grandkids your mom has. How fun that you were able to get together. What state does your brother live in? Well, I come bearing bad news- you've been tagged- the rules are on my blog. Talk to you later!


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