Saturday, May 31, 2008

One of the Oldest Bloggers

Back in my very first post I mentioned a stranger's list of reasons for blogging. Tonight I wanted to read it again, and I took (probably too much) time to do a Google search. Didn't find what I was looking for. But what did I find? Since my search included the word "mother," I found a mother named Millie who happens to be about 82 years old and a blogger. I think it's so cool that she's blogging. I think my 89- and 90-year-old grandparents on my mom's side have never used the internet at all.

If you want to hear a great laugh, Millie has one. Click here to see her videos about not being able to open things; I can relate because our applesauce has been hard for me lately. Click here to see her blog. Time for me to go to bed!


  1. Amanda!!! This is your old Ricks College friend, Marcie (Edgeworth) Evans! I was searching on the internet and I found your blog, and no I wasn't stalking you! It'd be awesome to hear from you! You can check out our blog at! Looks like all is well with you and Drew!!
    BTW-your baby is cute! :)

  2. Hey Amanda!
    I just finished fairest...I thought it was better than Ella. (I just watched the movie, Ella--I really think it's so cheesy compared to the book. Hence, I like the book better.) I also just finished another book, Ever, by the same was different, harder to follow, but still pretty good. Anyway...enjoy! :) (can you tell I'm excited! I love books!!!)


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