Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Whatever I Want It To Be

Welcome to my first post, which I have put off writing for over a week. But it's okay because at this moment while I am writing it, nobody knows I even have a blog! Only my cute husband and I know it. He helped me come up with the name. See, I'm not sure what this blog will turn out to be. I decided that I'll be "random" if I want to be (my college roommate Emily said I was very random).

My blog won't be:
  • full of photos of our child, because we have a separate photo site.
  • a personal journal, because I have a separate journal.
  • limited to religious topics, although I do like to read mormanity sometimes.
Recently while blog rolling I found a really great explanation from a woman I don't know about reasons she blogs. If I can find it again I will add a link for it. One last thing for now: My husband returned home from his LDS mission five years ago yesterday. Time flies.

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