Saturday, April 30, 2011

twenty-two months

L on her 22nd monthday. See more photos below.

 Things we love about L at 22 months old:
  • She says "Dough?" [Go?] to ask, "Where did it go?" (Besides repeating a word, she doesn't put two words together yet. For example, she'll say "more" or "please," but not "more, please.")
  • The way she says, "hmmm."
  • Her silent ooh face (sticks her lips out a little -- her Daddy calls it her duck face).
  • She gets possessive of her mama sometimes. If Shboogoo hugs my leg, L is not satisfied with hugging my other leg, because she wants me all to herself.
  • She hands one of us a book and says, "Ree." [Read.]
  • The way she says her sister's name. The parts she gets right are a consonant and the vowel sounds.
  • Her high "eeh eeh" monkey sound.
  • She likes playing with water and putting her hands in it -- and also, as I think I have mentioned before, rubbing a purposely-spilled drink around on her tray. The one part of a bath that she doesn't like is having her hair washed.
  • Her meow. At Papa's the other day she was calling for the cat by using a questioning "meow?!" instead of his name.
  • She can climb onto the piano bench, turn the pages in a book of sheet music, and play.
  • Her attempts at jumping -- kind of bending and lifting one foot at a time.

In the last month she became comfortable with sitting on the Elmo potty seat, which is foldable and goes on top of a regular toilet. I've made her sit on it probably at least 20 times (I have pictures but have not gotten them off my phone); she has actually peed in the toilet once. She often lets me know that her diaper feels gross by putting her hand on that area and sometimes also saying, "poo." Very soon, I will sew her some training underpants because it seems that the few small Gerber ones we had don't exist anymore, and making them will be much cheaper. (I started having Shboogoo use the toilet, with the Elmo potty seat and wearing the Gerber underwear and everything, when she was 19 months old. For several reasons, I didn't want to start L that young, but she has seen all along how her big sister does it.)

Still on her monthday, she wanted to get in the foot bath with these girls. I let her sit down in it.

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