Tuesday, April 26, 2011

baptism, job poster, and dinner with relatives

On April 9th my father-in-law baptized his youngest daughter. We're proud of her!


Shboogoo was so excited that I ordered these photos, which I had taken over a week earlier, and that together we made her job poster. (I wrote her name above the word "Jobs" but I am not showing her real name on my blog.) I love having the poster on her wall to remind her of what she can do each day -- well, to get started, really, because we hadn't been having her do as much as she could. This site is a really cool way to teach children to work, but our child wanted something physical instead of having to go online. We've been better at keeping the house picked up each day. I also am happy that I gave each of her jobs a number, because she immediately started using them: "I've done job number one and job number two." (Thanks to my friend Chelle for the inspiration! At her house I saw they had done the same thing, with a photo of their daughter doing each task.)

My fun cousin Julee was in town for a few days and wanted to have dinner with my mom, my siblings, and me. We also invited my mom's cousin Kirk and his wife. He is like an uncle to me although he hasn't lived in our state for very many years; growing up they had fun hanging out together because he only had a brother and my mom only had sisters. Anyway, it was fun to talk with all three of these relatives. It was Kirk's birthday, and he insisted on paying for everyone's meals. Also, I learned that when he was younger he ran a marathon, and I didn't know (didn't remember?) that he was in the Air Force for twenty years.

 my Pad Thai Tofu


  1. mmmm, that pad thai looks delicious.
    I love the job chart idea and hope you are better than us at keeping it going! Macey's is collecting dust. We need to implement it again.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of taking pictures of her doing her chores!! That's such a fabulous way to celebrate the idea of work... I want to do the same with my kids when they are a little older too. :)


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